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STOLEN!!! Vertex 2200


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Had my Vertex 2200 sitting in my DD this weekend and it was stolen. (Not the smartest thing to do I know.) The truck was sitting in the driveway and at 2AM I had the wild hair to see how it would fit in the center console of my new truck. My GF came out to "complain" about something and I forgot to bring it back in the house. When I got in the truck Sunday morning it was gone.

It was just the radio by itself, no wiring, no mic etc. I live in Santa Maria (Northern Santa Barbara County) in a very respectable upper middle class area. Sucks to see stuff like this happen. Worst part is unless it was an off-roader (which would just be pathetic), it will probably just sit in somebody's garage forever as they probably have no idea what they took. Thankfully I have a spreadsheet with my 128 saved channels so it's just the cost of the radio that I'm out. If anybody hears about a radio for sale in the area that may match this description PLEASE let me know.