Storm Chasing Season Coming Fast!


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Besides building trail rigs and rock crawlwers and our newDesert Racer project, their is one other thing Nate and I like to do.

We track Severe Weather too!


We are preping all our equipmnet and our rig next week to be ready to hit the open country.

We chased five Tornado's last year and plan to try and catch as many as possible now that spring has arived in Tornado Alley.

We use our 1942 Ford GPW trail rig to chase storms, infact that is what we built this rig for. The Ford GPW runs on modified 305 Hot rod engine...WE Know it's a GM motor but we got it for a great price...LOL

Nate and I will post some pictures of the Tornado's we have gotten insanly close too...LOL

One picture is directly under a funnel cloud decending ...LOL

We just had to get the picture it was to cool not too!

Anyone else chase storms???

If yes drop us a PM or e-mail so we might hook up and chase together sometime.

Bleddyn and Nate Cynfyn
Team G-503
Ford Racing
Henrietta, TX