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!!!Stranded!!! Tilton Diff Oil Pump


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I am in Barstow and my transaxle oil pump seems to have quit on me. It's getting voltage at the pump. I can't find any off road shops that have this pump in stock.

I am afraid of driving the car without the cooler. I noticed the issue when my trans temp gauge dropped, when I stopped I could not great the pump when I toggled it on/off.

Any suggestions?
40-527 is constant-duty pump (the one you want), but 40-524 will also interchange. The pump head is rebuildable and is not hard to disassemble. If you can't rotate the motor shaft by hand, it's definitely toast (make sure your circuit protection is functioning). If that spins, try running w/o the pump head - the swash plate can get locked-up if large debris made it through your pickup screen. There are (2) rebuild kits to repair the pump head; make sure you replace both as it is super difficult to tell if the diaphragms are damaged.


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The Tilton pump is a good pump for play cars, but when you need a good pump for prerunner or racecar I would look at the Weldon, or the Weddle. More money, but you get a much better pump that is much less likely to leave you stranded IMO..