Street Trucks Mag Dec '02

Street Trucks Mag Dec \'02

Peep the tech article on the installation of a Total Chaos front end on Tito's beater in the December 2002 issue of Street Trucks.


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Re: Street Trucks Mag Dec \'02

Full Pull-

Better yet, peep the full page/full color ad on Page 137. KP Components...One of mine!

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Re: Street Trucks Mag Dec \'02

( forgive me Klaus, I am going to get way off the subject on this one... but I don't think anyone will mind ;) )

Since you are talking about full page ads, check out this one I did for my customers Skate and Snowboard shop two years ago. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
If anyone has seen one of the recent "MTV Cribs" episodes about the Playboy Mansion, you might have seen this girl. She is currently one of Hef's girlfriends. And She just happens to be a wife of one of my customers..... I don't know how he deals with her being there all the time but hey... it's Hef and the Playboy mansion.


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Re: Street Trucks Mag Dec \'02

I personally find those ads distastefull. Do you have any more ? ;)


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