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Suggestion for a 4WD IFS donor???


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What year/make/model would you guys recommend for a 4WD IFS donor vehicle??? I would prefer A-arms, but I wanted pass on the TTB. . .going with TTB would probably result in a cheaper donor vehicle since I could go all the way back to 1980 for a Ford; I think I would have to go '97+ for A-arms in a Ford and I think '88+ for a GM.

I have an older truck that I would like to drop the body onto a newer chassis. . .I don't care what the make/model is, but being 4WD I know the mid/long-travel options are more limited than 2WD.

I would prefer an LS engine, but that's an easy swap if say the 4WD Fords have much better suspension options than the 4WD GMs; and an easy swap for an older GM as well.

The stock wheelbase on the truck I have is 118". . .that could be changed to accommodate a modern chassis, but I think that I will be looking for a single cab, extended cab at most. . .this will be a play truck.

Thanks for the recommendations


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I would recommend a 99-06 Silverado. They can be found fairly cheap, and there is a lot of aftermarket support for them as far as kits go.


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Thanks TravisFab. . .trying to find places that have 4WD mid/long travel kits now.

So far I have found that Dixon Bros. (VegasDezertFab) to have a kit for '99-06 4WD GMC's still hunting around just to see what is available. . .