Suggestions on 4x4 prerunner?


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Mar 28, 2011
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San Diego
So, looking through the CLASSIFIED Ad thread, I notice BHOLLANDER'S remark that he is building a low budget 4x4 pre-runner, easy for parts etc.
Brandon, I would love to hear more about your ideas and plans, as I think that a reliable 4x4 pre-runner that allows you to scout difficult areas rather than just haul the mail through the section is very beneficial.

Personally, I would like to set up something 4x4, preferably with a closed cab so that you can mark and map more comfortably, I am thinking three seats, fully caged, 37 or 39 inch tires, and a strong without being excessively expensive 4-wheel drive system, perhaps I-Beam from a bronco or F150.
As a base, I was thinking starting with an extended cab 1997ish F150 and chassis, however also thinking that an earlier 1980's F150 would have a much stronger chassis to start with.

I get it that " low budget" span some very different ideas, however I would love to hear any suggestions, any do or don'ts or see any past or future projects.


Send me a message after the 1000 lets sync up via phone and bounce some ideas off eachother. I can help you get dialed without breaking the bank too bad.