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Summer is Over!


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With winter just around the corner, there's no better time to use Mavcoat Steel Shield on your vehicle. Whether you'll be wheeling through the rain or storing your truck somewhere it snows, make sure to coat all your components and always keep a can of Mavcoat Steel Shield in your toolbox!
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Agree JF...^^^^. I get the difference between this and powder coating or nothing, but I want to know how it is better than Steel-it and simply rattle ball primer/paint. Inquiring minds want to know!


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How about an explanation of how this stuff works?
Mavcoat Steel Shield is a corrosion prevention coating designed to protect all bare metal parts from rust and corrosion. Mavcoat Steel Shield is not paint, it is a semi-permanent polymer coating that dries clear to provide an invisible barrier that displaces moisture to protect against rust. The coating is not oily like other products, so it stays in place and does not run after application. It repels water, dirt, mud, and sand. Additionally, the polymer coating plates out on metal surfaces, which provides long-term lubrication in needed areas. Also, it dries out ignitions, connectors, fuses, relays, and all other electrical circuits.

Unlike other coatings, Mavcoat Steel Shield can be welded through without having to be removed, which saves time for builders, enthusiasts, and racers – especially when welding is necessary in the middle of a race. No bi-product gases are created and weld integrity and penetration is not affected either.

Mavcoat® Steel Shield is transparent so you can easily see cracks in welds and metal caused by fatigue or damage. Mavcoat® Steel Shield comes in an aerosol can making it fast and easy to apply. Overspray does not harm other parts that it may come into contact with such as, wires, harnesses, plastics, paint, or rubber. Keep a can of Mavcoat® Steel Shield in your toolbox and use it to achieve protection against corrosion and long-lasting lubrication.



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How long does it last? Does it wash off?

Sounds like it would save some prep.
Mavcoat Steel Shield will last 4-6 months for a vehicle that is frequently used and 6-12 months for a vehicle in storage. Re-apply only where it has been scratched off by rocks or intensely sandblasted.

Mavcoat Steel Shield will not wash off. For example, Short Course racers love to use it because it makes washing mud and dirt off in between heats much easier. It can be removed with aggressive scrubbing using brake or carburetor cleaner.