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Supercross 2020


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Who you guys got for tonight? I too think it's Roczen's year. I'm curious what's up with Eli. Clearly CR22 is not training at all during the week, but seems like he just shows up and gets on the bike cold.

Here's to hoping Bam Bam can maintain some consistency.


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Eli starts off slow in SX, then by the end of the season nobody can catch him. I’m hoping Ken does back to back wins and scares the competition.

My prediction:
1. Rockzen
2. Barcia
3. Webb
4. Anderson
5. Tomac

Any of you guys do the Rocky Mountain Fantasy SX?
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^^^Although I believe that can very likely happen, I hope you're wrong. Tomac is a machine. Would really be happy to have Roczen, Barcia, Anderson and Osborne at the pointy end.

Going for Forkner in 250s.

BTW, Mxshea, where you at?