SuperLite races into AZ with thrills and spills


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Rounds 3 and 4 of the 2009 Bully Dog SuperLite championship have come and gone and what an impact the class has made. 2 days of exciting racing saw a new race winner on top of the podium along with some familiar faces.

Going into the weekend there was a lot of buzz in the pit on Thursday and Friday. There were a few new trucks in the class, the first being the Geico Powersport/E3 Spark Plug truck being driven by Jason Patison and the second truck, sponsored by XDP. This truck was supposed to be driven by Sirius radio personality, Jason Ellis. Unfortunately Jason was unable to make the race in AZ, taking his place behind the wheel would be Corry Weller, a local UTV who has won her fair share of UTV races over the past few years. Maybe the biggest news is that the SuperLite purse had been increased. Bully Dog increased the he payout for each race weekend by 30%, this was done to level the playing field in a way, as more trucks are built, more racers are coming into the class but new racers will be hard pressed to win the year end championship and take that purse. Realizing the powers at SuperLite, Speed Technologies and Bully Dog increased the weekend purse to help everyone out.

Now onto the race action! The entire field was inverted for the start thus giving Corry Weller the upper hand in her very first start, she held the lead for almost two full laps, after that it became a family brawl as John Harrah battled with his son Johnny checked out on the field from the drop on the green flag. On lap two Jason Patison took a scary ride through the whoops as he cased the front bumper into one of the large bumps, this catapulted the truck into a front flip. Once at rest Jason got out of the truck a little sore but otherwise fine. The battle up front raged on as the rest of the field fought back and forth for the third position that was until Joe Granatelli balled up his truck big time. There were a few tense minutes as the emergency/rescue crew worked on Joe in the truck. The young Granatelli ended up being fine other then a small cut on his leg. When it was all over Johnny Harrah took the win, followed by his Dad john and Brandon Bailey fought hard for the third place finish, his first but certainly not last podium of the year.

The race on Sunday was just as action packed but there were some changes on the grid as Chuck Dempsey jumped behind the wheel of the Geico Powersports truck filling in for Jason Patison who was to sore to race after the crash on Saturday to race on Sunday. The racing was close at the front of the pack each and every lap as John Harrah, Chad Leising and Johnny Harrah swapped the lead each and every lap, Chuck Dempsey got the leaders and started pushing hard, eventually getting by Johnny. But the battle between these two meant that John and Chad were able to run ahead and not be caught. The two fought hard every corner, sliding into one another on occasion. In the end first time winner Chad Leising took the win, followed by John in second and Chuck in third. On the podium it was evident how much this meant to Chad, it was an emotional awards presentation.

Well that buttons it up for rounds three and four, the next race comes in 7 short weeks at the new track in Lake Ellsinore, CA. For more information about SuperLite and to get behind the wheel yourself in this very affordable class visit