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Superwoman leaving BFG

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For all of you who know the great Debbie at BFG, she is leaving her post at the end of this month. Debbie, your help and coordination of the BFG Off Road program has been nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you so much for taking great care of all of the racers and pit support personnel through the years. Tires show up, maps are ready, hotels are always reserved, etc...etc. You will be truly missed by all of us. Good luck in your new ventures, wherever they made lead you. THANK YOU!!!!!....... Ken Sypolt
Debbie's office number 330-733-0318
fax number 330-733-0387

John Bitting

Wow, I am not a racer but even I know of Debbie @ BFG, I have even talked to her on the phone, If people want to write a message on this forum to her, I will fax them all over when we close the thread before she leaves.. Sign your name at the end of yor post though. She wont know your alias....


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I have talked to Debbie a few times and she was always a big help. I know several guys that have been working with her for years and they as well as I would agree with the title "Super Women of BFG". This is a sad thing and I am sorry to see her go but wish her the best where she is going.

J.C. Andrews
Andrews Racing


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I'm really sorry to hear that she's leaving her current job at BFG. Anyone who has ever dealt with her I think would agree she is a class act and will be very much missed. I wish her the best of luck in whatever the future brings her. Thanks for the info.



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Debbie Dickerhoof leaving BFG! That is something I wished I would NEVER hear. I have dealt with Debbie for years and have met her. To say she is anything less that GREAT would be a disservice to her. BFG must have found five people to take her place and cover her position. GOOD LUCK Debbie in whatever ventures your future brings. You will be missed by everyone and very much so by me.

Sheryl Cannon, CPA



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Talk about having all your ducks in a row. This is a perfect explaination of SW. Good luck in your future endeaver's...... Take Care Scott


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Wow, Debbie is leaving. What can I say that hasn't been said already. I don't think you can write down on paper what Debbie has done and ment to BFG. Us Off-Road guys sure are a pain in the ass but Debbie always answered the phone with a pleasent voice and a willingness to help. Good luck Debbie! By the way, can you score me a set of "Projects" before you leave? Hehehe...kidding.


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Debbie, I am sorry to hear you will be leaving BFG. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I know I am not the only one that will miss you. Thanks for all you help !!!!

Whit Courtenay
MarCourt Racing

Whit Courtenay - MarCourt Racing


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On behalf of BECK MOTORSPORTS, we would like to express our tremendous thanks for all Debbie's assistance. She has "gone the extra mile" for all of us, and she will truely be missed.

So once again, thanks, and good luck Debbie.

Team Beck
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