Surf / Moto X movie in HB

Jerry Zaiden

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This might be interesting to you. A friend of mine wanted me to post this. It should be a fun night.


********* PRESS RELEASE*********

Surf Theatre is here to stay! Every second Thursday of the month is now Surf Theatre night at Mann’s Pierside Pavilion 6 Theatres in Huntington Beach!

Big Red Productions is the first to bring to the public the Surf and Dirt Double Feature, with one of Surfer Magazine’s senior photographers, Todd Messick’s North Shore Experience; Eyes to Sea then to the dirt; Jonny Vegas Productions gives a peek into the life behind the scenes of Free Style Moto-X as Carey Hart’s back flip unfolds on the big screen in Good Times with Carey Hart!

Be there Thursday, January 9th, 2003
7 & 9 PM

Huge raffle and sponsor give-a-ways!

Tickets available online:
or at
Mann’s Pierside Pavilion 6 Theatres Box Office

Big Thanks to Josh Pomer and all who attended December’s show,
The Kill 6! The crowd was stoked on the raffle prizes and the bonus Jaws footage provided by Sean Collins and the crew at Surfline.

Contact Big Red Productions
(714) 960-8718


Krittro Campbell
SOunds cool Jerry. I also wanted to say (same topic) that Crusty 8 was a huge improvement over crusty 7 which was a waste of money! Go out and buy Crusty's Kritter approved. It has Laughlin, Glamis, Mexico, south america, etc...

"Buy American before it's too late"

Jerry Zaiden

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Here is the web site for info on this movie! THURSDAY 7 and 9PM.

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