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Hey guys, love this site been doing heaps of research on a arm IFS setups as im looking to set up the front end of my 4wd class offroad truck in australia.
My question is there any companies or individuals i could pay to design allthe frontend geometry. I can fab it no problem, built the rest of the truck myself. And in australia there is not alot of options for shops that can do the design and build.
I just dont feel confident enough to get the geometry right without wasting time and money on trial and error, hence woild prefer to pay someone for the design work.

Thanks for any input


I recommend that you review the following Facebook page link and then email Rowan Eggers at Element Off Road Australia.
They have built a number of complete Pro Buggy projects which were designed and engineered using Autodesk® Inventor™ software.
They have also designed, engineered and fabricated a number of other front and rear suspensions for off road vehicles including truck projects.
From my personal experience of them building a Pro Buggy for me, they provide excellent customer service and their skills and experience are second to none.
You won’t be disappointed with their expertise and professionalism.

Chris Tobin

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ProFormance is somewhere in Australia and they seem to specialize in IFS/IRS 4WD long travel stuff. I would look into them, I believe their website says they offer design services...