suspension on Tacoma mini trucks


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Is there any possible way you could get more travel out of a say Camburg kit. They say you get about 11". Couldn't you get more.


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Not with the stock ball joints unfortunately. You could go even wider but you wouldn’t get that much more travel for the trouble. The stock ball joints are not that great. I built some 3” wider arms for mine with about the same results a Camburg. Pretty soon I’m going to redo it and fab some lift spindles with uniballs. The other problem with the stock joints is the tie rods can only go down so far. The lift spindles will also raise the tie rod up higher to allow for more down travel. I doubt that anyone will make a spindle for this application that’s why I’m making my own. Keep in touch, I will make a jig for mine, I could make an extra pair if your interested.


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Well i might be totally wrong, but why couldnt you use a ball joint like the one that auto fab makes. It seems to me that it would cycle just as much as a unibal and looks a lot easier to rebuild (just a single urethane insert). I see every one using uniballs but is it really worth it?



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UniBalls are used because they're easy, they work, and when they're worn out they are common parts easily replaced. For street drivers they do have the liability of no dirt sealing, but if you maintain them as they need to be they'll have a reasonable service life. Dylan mentioned in the last go-round on this that Seals-It either has or is working on UniBall sealing washers (I don't recall which) which would go a long ways toward sealing dirt out.
Nothing against the AutoFab part as it is a superior piece. It's just a sole supplier part.


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