Swanty Racing race report #1250 ProTruck


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Racing in a class by yourself sucks. We tried to pull a few ProTrucks out of mothballs and had a few interested but they had to bow out at the last minute due to waiting on parts (Fuel cell, Ball Joints....etc). Soooo, we had the chance to jump over into the Sportsman class but usually the sportsman guys are new to the sport and we felt it would be unfair to race a well seasoned ProTruck in that class. We opted to stay in the ProTruck class and race ourselves but use this race as a warm up for the Baja 1000 as we hope to have 5-10 ProTrucks racing at that event.

Last week the truck was picked up from Collins motorsports, fresh prep on the Kroyer motor, Gearworks trans and a little steering box prep, new body mounted and a fresh wrap from Patrick Signs. Cody Swanty and Billy Goerke took the truck out testing twice that week to tweak on the shocks and the brakes. The truck was now ready for the MINT 400.


The truck went straight to the Method Wheels booth and sat on display Thursday as we applied the rest of the stickers....


And then it was ready for the Pit Crew challenge display...


The team enjoying the festivities....


And then it was race day...


Cody Swanty and Ken Devault moments before the start...


From here we can let the GoPro footage tell the story...

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

(I will be posting parts 4, 5 and 6 shortly). As you can see the footage was outstanding and Ken kept his word and made sure the lens was always clean! They ran a great pace, moving their way through traffic (new guys take note, this is the way make clean passes in the desert). The Method Wheels ProTruck ran flawless until race mile 94 when the flex plate broke. Not sure why, there was no warning and it was relatively new. Cody took it in stride, had to wait a couple hours to get a retrieval vehicle out to get him but he made the most of it as he "Had a great spot to watch the race"...


Well, that's racing I guess. We will get the truck torn down to the bare chassis, go over every nut, bolt, wire, rod end, zert fitting and anything else we can find before the Baja 1000. Thanks again to all of our sponsors who have been helping us out over the past few races...




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Looked like lot's of UTV carnage in the 1st 24 miles!!