swapping a 4l80e into a 4th gen ram 1500

shaun miller

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everyone knows dodge has been lacking in the automatic trans department for some time. long story short, i am on my 4th trans overall and 3rd ats built trans. the 5 year warranty which has been great, is about to expire and im looking at other options but dont know an extensive amount about transmissions. im debating on swapping in a 4l80e because the truck is built up, and runs 37"s and is a daily/ shop truck/ pre runner. ive found adapter kits, now im wondering what options for shifting there are. would like a gated shifter but would also like the t/c lock up to be automatic for the daily driven and hiway driving aspect. any input into my query would be appreciated.

Bert is my name

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47 and 48 r.e. trans can be built to handle quite a bit of power. They hold up to some pretty stout diesel engines. Maintenance and band adjustments will allow these transmissions to live long happy lives. Using these transmissions in a performance application is less common because it's not g.m.
The adapters to put a 4l80 in will set you back about the cost of the required parts to build up a 47 or 48 r.e.
Then you still need a transmission control and shifter for the 4l80.