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Swing Set steering


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I think I've heard of the steering called that. I'm looking for pictures of the steering setup that uses 2 pivots on the frame and has a tie rod that follows the I Beams down to the tire. I think Dan Vance's ranger that he recently sold had it. If anyone has any good pictures of that setup could they post them or give me a link to follow. I was trying to describe it to a friend but it's difficult and pictures will work better.


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The one thing I would add to that, is it helps if you offset your swings, if you look at the pick from the side you will see he put a bend it the link, that looks fine while if is steight, bu when you turn all the bars get closer together, by offsitting the botom ones foward and back respective to the beams they are going to then you we have the extr clearence you not to have an ear drop down on the outside of the swing to box in that joint.