Switches and Circuit Breakers

Chris Tobin

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Figured I would update. 2 years now running Our own brand of “contura” style rocker switches. Been through several BITD races in the race truck and Zero issues. Got to run what we sell to test!


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Please post a link to switches so we can check them out... Are they priced well for us budget guys???


The plastic rocker switches have one big problem... dirt and rocks can get in behind the plastic making it impossible to change the switch position from ON/OFF or OFF/ON until you can clean the mess up. Not a good problem to have in a race car. The simple sealed toggle switches do not have that problem.



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I need the experts to help me out. I have a Prerunner that has a board and trying to understand what they are. Can I buy them at any Auto store? Napa or Autozone?

Here are some pictures.