SXS Live Streaming Video Round 4

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M4SX Series Announces "LIVE" WEB STREAMING


>>STREAMING VIDEO - TI will have two (2) to five (5) cameras streaming LIVE at all times to capture all the action. Currently, we have two (2) track cameras, one (1) fan camera, one (1) pit action camera and there’s much more coming soon.

>>LIVE IN-CAR CAMERA - Designated teams will feature LIVE in-car cameras to produce great entertainment for the viewers.

>>SATELLITE TRACKING - TI has partnered with IRC to bring you LIVE satellite tracking for Desert Racing. The IriTrack® Satellite Tracking System is State-Of-The-Art in electronic vehicular tracking. IriTrack® puts in the hands of the organizers a complete system that allows them to exercise unprecedented safety and control aspects. IriTrack® allows the Organizers and viewers to become quickly and fully aware of many of the dangerous situations that can and do occur during an off-road racing event.

>>REAL TIME TRACKING - Designed for Short Course Racing, this will offer one (1) second updates to inform the viewers of track position during each race.

>>RACE RESULTS - Unofficial results during the event, 2 minute updates

>>PHOTO/VIDEO GALLERY - The TI gallery is a community of photographers where they will post all their photos from the previous or current events. Log in and access rights will be granted for each photographer to post images under the correct category per race or event. Sample Categories - Life Style, Contingency, Start Line, During Race, Finish Line, Post Race, Awards

>>FORUM - The purpose of our forum is to provide information for the racers and fans. We will have up to date information in the following areas. Desert racing, short course racing, sailing, fishing, motocross, contingency, industry news etc..

>>CHAT - Chat interface with the fans, teams, promoters to create a social network

>>WI-FI ACCESS - TI and IRC bring you WI-FI Access in the pits, we will reach out to thousands and provide them the ability to have internet access remotely at events.

>>TEAMS PAGE - Each team will have the ability to create their own teams page to communicate with the crew and various other features. Standings, Photo/Video Gallery, News, Sponsor profiles etc.

Sponsorship Available Please Contact:
Raymond Barre’ at 714 580 7360 or
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