T.O.R.E. Shamrock 200


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Just wanted to say thanks to the following for their efforts (in no particular order). This was the best race so far in our series.

The Francis Family - for letting us use their ranch. Good group to work with. You have a great place and we look forward to future races.

John Clark & Crew - for all their HARD work: track prep, timing, t-shirts, etc.

ALL RACERS - for supporting this series. Without you, there would be no desert racing in Texas. It takes a lot of effort no matter what class you're in. It was great to meet everyone.

Rusty Stevens TT89 & Crew - for their support and skid-loader. This race would have been much, much shorter without the loader. And it gave John a vehicle to pre-run in!

Hooters - for supporting this series as well. Everybody likes Hooters!

City of Shamrock, Tx. - for welcoming us and our sport. Thanks to the Mayor for providing EXCELLENT entertainment for our FIRST official Tech & Contingency. Don't worry, my wife is rehearsing for the next race. :D

Joey & Crew - for cleaning and fixing :eek: on Sunday. Nice job on your first race!

Post up if I forgot anyone!



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Grayson-Thanks for offering pit help and for the Texas T. Also enjoyed chatting with yoyu and Kristy! See you next time. The race was AWESOME! If anything I can do -just holler....