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T-Shirts 4 OFF-ROAD EXPO quilt


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HEY, I really don't know if this is the right area to post this but, hell here goes.

We are making a custom quilt to action off at the next "Off-Road Expo" and we need T-Shirts! Not just any T-Shirts but Off-Road T-Shirts! So far we have enough to make 23 panels............NOT ENOUGHT! We need off-road shops t-shirts, we need off-road TEAM T-Shirts, we need Off-Road Club T-Shirts! Are you getting what I'm talking about. We got big names (Racers) giving their brand new T-Shirts for this quilt....you like Curt LeDuc, Robby Gordon, T-MAG, Walker Evens, Rod Hall and so on.

If you like to help out and have your Bussiness, Club or Team name on this quilt and be a part Off-Road History................BRING YOUR NEW T-SHIRT TO ANY MDR, SNORE OR SCORE RACE GIVE IT "Art Savedra" IN THE TECH AREA. We need black ones if possible, but all are welcome. Be a part of history!

Thank you
Art "The TECH DUDE" Savedra, ARTS 702-897-3583 call for more info


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Hey Art, I have some old tshirts from some old races, can ya use those??