T100 Prerunner Pictures?


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Does anyone have any Pictures of T100 prerunners? In the process of building mine and just wanna see whats out there. I have seen most on the net just would like to see any personal pics. Thanks alot!

Jerry Zaiden

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We have a truck in the shop right now getting a long travel system. Come by and check it out if you get a chance.


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I can't see it clear anogh, but arent you going to have a problem with coil overs mounted to the top of that link wanting to roll over? Or is there a drop in that, that I am not seeing?

Jerry Zaiden

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Why would you have problems with the shocks mounted on top of the link? If you do it right you wont have problems.

Curtis Guise

Just like Jerry said, it will be fine. There are many ways to build them and this is just one of them. When talking with Mark Newhan before getting started on my truck he suggested the design like that is on his truck and allot of the vehicles that Craig builds. Delrin bushings instead of heims in the lower shock mounts keep the lower arms from twisting.
See both of theirs here: