tacoma 3 link --- pointers please


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My friend is a very craft welder and is probably going to 3 link the rear for me. He has done his research and has talked with a couple of shops in doing so. My question is WHAT ARE SOME THINGS HE SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF AND WHAT ARE THE LITTLE THINGS SOME PEOPLE FORGET TO DO AND HAVE TO DO REWORK ON? I know I can trust this guy so I just want to know some things to make sure he knows. Thanks!

He has been fabbing trucks both lifted and lowered for like 7 years now. he has the skills

looking for info on quality tacoma long travel.....any ideas?


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Might want to look in the Lower Links 101 thread because there was a huge amount of info in there. Did you see the pictures of the ranger with the shocks mounted to the outside of the arm and the shock shafts all bent up, don't do that. Just read the Links thread and you will learn all the do's and don'ts, at least I did.

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ive noticed u have been posting alot of questions on here, try searching first since most of the questions u are asking have been covered recently

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