Tacoma front suspension


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I am interested in getting race suspension for my tacoma and I wanted to have heims, uniballs and extended a-arms (about 5" per side). I'm looking to get around 17" of travel. I have looked at a lot of kits and have liked them, but have wanted more because of my race intensions. Are there any fabricators that will cater to this, and won't charge me an arm and a leg? I heard that donahoe was working on something, but I have no idea how long to wait for them.


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if you want race suspension, you're gonna pay race prices. you're asking a fabricator to custom design a setup for you...it's gonna cost more. seems like total chaos is the way to go for toyotas right now-i don't know what they've got for tacomas, but keep them in mind. donahoe's should be interesting too, but remember, only so much can be done with stock suspension pick up points. if you're looking for a mostly bolt-on kit, you're gonna have trouble getting the big travel you're looking for. custom fabbed suspension mounts/locations will get you more travel, but at a higher price. and as it always comes down to, more travel is not the only concern. good shock valving and spring rates go a long way....
did i miss anything, guys???
good luck with your truck, and you've come to the right spot to ask questions.


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I think first you should figure out what you want to race in, class and series. You will probably be ok if you plan on mdr prerunner class. But know the rules before you start building a so called race truck and then have to race class 7 against 100 thousand dollar plus trucks. Build a 7s if your wanna race score, you will have better chances of winning. Also most shops charge $45-65 an hour so thats why it is so expensive. To save money take welding classes at a junior college and get involved with a race team, then fab your truck yourself.



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i dont know where you live but if your anywhere near san diego or santee, stop by Dok-Tec motorsports. Ask for Victor. He did my front suspension and it sucks up anything i can through at it. costs around 4000 grand for my truck, not sure for yours, but its got it all. Uniball upper arms, rod end uppers, engine cage, duel rate coil-overs, nascar lower ball joints, 16 + inches travel, 6 inches wider per side (can make it shorter), 2.5 inch longer wheel base... it goes on and on. just thought maybe i could help, good luck.


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the Baja Shop has just recently finished a yota with a custom J-arm design. it was swinging 16-18 in.
they are in the process of doing another one right now.Give them a call and see what they will do for you
Baja Shop Motorsports 714-279-0778, ask for A.J.


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Shaun, You are fooling yourself unless you plan to run class 1400 in Mdr... Becuse there is nothing with the word KIT in it in off-road racing... you will be racing against full on Race cars... We are working on a tacoma long travel kit and if all goes right will be out soon. But if you want a nice off the self kit call Jerry at Camburg...I have seen them all and his is the nicest overall... Now if you want to go big like you were saying There is no discounts in Big, Right, Wheel travel, Even when I do stuff for myself it costs huge amounts of money... Bottom line.... Off-road racing is a Rich mans sport... If your not Rich your not leading.. Period. Really think about that before you waste any money with someone who tells you they can do it for cheep...What you will get is Cheep suspension. Hope i didnt Kill your Dream but sadly it is the truth.




Just out of curiosity, do you know when your kit will be out and what it will include? I'm having Camburgs kit put on my truck in 2 weeks, but I know a friend who is waiting for yours to come out.