tacoma lift???


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i am looking for a sway-a-way or similar style lift for a '96 toyota tacoma 4wd. does anybody know who has one in stock or if there is another company that makes something close to the sway-a-away. thanks in advance for the info., i know this should be in the classifieds but i need some feedback.

and no, pbr is not going toyota, don't worry!!! only bowties in my driveway!!!

thanks, ollie.

p.s. - in advance... rory i don't need any smart ass comments!


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looks like we have a new deputy in the profile police...

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If you had been around the dez for a while you wouldn't have to ask who Ollie Penchansky was. Read his post in the WHO ARE YOU?? thread and you too will know.

Ollie, when are we going to see PBR race again?

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i think that baja concepts has them in stock, if not, they can get them fast or tell you who can. I belive that fox also makes coilovers for taco's but SAW's are far superior. hope this helps.

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The Sway-Aways are not even close to far superior over the Fox's. They are just better in that they use a heim instead of a bushing and they are cheaper, but not FAR superior. King shocks also makes a coilover that bolts-on like a "regular" shock but is marketed under the SkyKing name as Skyjacker outsourced.