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Tacoma Pre-runner/ Fox vs Other Companies


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I have a friend of a friend who's got a brand new Tacoma Pre-runner. He wants to change out the front coilover setup from stock to ??????..... He told my buddy he's getting Fox 2.0's for $ 745.... Question????? Can't you get Sway-A-Way 2.5 coilovers, for cheaper, and better ???????????
Just don't want to see the guy get ripped off.........


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tell him to get the sway-a-ways. They are cheaper and fixed a problem that the fox ones and the old saw's had. I think there 675ish at camburg?
I have em and love em. doesn't feel like a cadillac anymore.
also, tell him to check out www.tacomaterritory.com , the place is full of info aboot tacos in general, later, TIM


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thats crazy, I think that the saws are unarguably better. If he wants to hear some of the stories about stuff blowing out on the fox ones, tell him to go to tacomaterritory.com .
The fox ones are fine, but to spend less money and get better ones, not to mention supporting a good Co. like camburg instead of [email protected] i think makes it worth it alone.
Whew! (little venting)
Cant change everybodies mind i guess, lates, TIM


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You should try my "close" friend Kreg over at Donahoe Racing. his number is 714-632-3033 he will take good care of you.Donahoe also does custom fabrication and can tune the shocks to your specific application,poolman


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If your gonna spend the money on Kings or Sway Aways, just don't buy the shocks, get them valved for your truck. I see to many people buying shocks straight off the shelf and then complain about how it rides and they think its the coils. Take the shocks to Donahoe or King. "Its all about VALVING and spring rate."

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ive got the swayaways on my tacoma and love them. i wouldnt go with anything else. and if you mention tocoma territory at camburg they will give them to you at a discounted price i heard, its like $625 or something. totally worth it.



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Hi Scott,

I agree with the consensus of the thread that your friend should get the SAW shocks. The Fox 2.0 shocks from Fab-Tech are good, but like you said, the SAW shocks are arguably better and definitely cheaper. The Fabtech/Fox shocks use a lower rubber bushing, whereas the SAW shocks use a lower heim joint. The SAW shock also has a beefier piston than the Fox shock. I don't know if you can change out the coil springs for a different brand and rate with the Fabtech/Fox shocks, but with the SAW shocks, you can change the coil springs for Eibachs or Hypercoils, although the SAW coil springs are of sufficient quality that there is really no need. But at least the option is there. Of course, you can probably do the same with the Fabtech/Fox shocks, but when I called Fabtech about it, the sales tech didn't have a clue.

Lastly, you can get the SAWs from Camburg for $625 or from Jim at IMZZ for $605 if your friend is a member of the Toyota Tacoma Off Roaders Association (TTORA), thanks to Jordan who swung this deal for TTORA members. Have your friend go to www.tacomaterritory.com for info on signing up for TTORA. It's a free club for Taco enthusiasts, and we need all the desert prerunner Tacos we can get in the club.

Hope this helps. Take care,



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guys that price from Imzz is 625.00 like camburgs. It was a typo on his part..