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We are with ya Chad!

Chad has always supported everything I've ever put in front of him, and it would be my pleasure to support anything that Chad puts in front of me. I'm actually already registered with BeTheMatch.org and encourage everyone else to go and register as well.

Much love and support to you and your family.
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Chad , Your a true champion and like all champions you know how to over come the odds. Like Baja , it's not going to be easy so you are going to have to be smart, positive and have patience. Like any race , it takes a team to win; rely on your team for support to help get you down the long road. Your family , friends and fans are all here to help you win this race. Prayers , good thoughts and strength are all part of the prep. You got this!

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I just posted this thread to my twitter account . Can't hurt spreading the word . Chad you keep fighting bro , your an old desert dawg so we all know your tough ;) .

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Like others, we freaked out on the pre-run when we saw the massive #TeamChad in the rocks RJ! At first I was pretty ticked off! Lara immediately looked into it and discovered the reason. Good for you for jumping in, sounds like Chad is in for a fight, but has lots of quality support around him. Bumping the thread again, it is more important than videos from booby traps.