Team UPR


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- How you got into desert racing.
- How you have found this website.
- What vehicle you play with.
- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.

1st question- VP fuel vendor for desert races in my early 20's.... had 2 buggies in Phoenix... they were stolen.... had some kids... then husband for my 30th birthday bought the third buggy and we went racing from there!
2nd question- I build websites... one of them being mine. when looking in google to make sure everything was A-o.k. I found that Bill Gereghty an old past employee took our name in this forum.... why I don't know... maybe he still dreams about being on our team! LOL! WEIRD
3RD QUESTION- I have a superbuggy and building a desert car... with my co-driver and crew chief Trevor Epps.
4th questions- WE'LL BE BACK...
5th Question- Husband and I are opening up a motorsport facility on our land. Motocross and ATV track in the sandhills area of Nebraska. Sargent to be exact. Sandhills Motorsport Park TEAM UPR got hooked onto the Heartland MX series
I'm busy with building websites and administrative work & Glenn hauls for brokers and farmers and promotes SMXP