Tech-1R beadlock 17" wheels


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Are they still around or discontinued? Carl Renezeder had them (if not even developed them) around 2010 in an article I have. Model TR17 (Team Renezeder 17" maybe??) Who else had or ran these? A lot lighter than the other KMC's we have. Decal on his truck says Forged Alloys Inc. Another article I found also stated KMC and Carl developed these. Also found info on AMT in Washington, makes Tech1-109 and Tech1-110 rims for Porsche and other cars, but maybe did the -R for racing? Web has very little info for these, they must be "TOP SECRET". We have 3 and want info and maybe new rings if they are still made. Anyone? I have seen rings with just KMC on them and also the Forged Alloys Inc on them on the net.