Tech Tip for your Hot Start Cable...


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I wanted to post a tech tip thread on here for anyone who may be having problems overheating their bike or tuning the jetting.
I own a '07 KXF-450 and made slight modifications to it which resulted in multiple engine failures on long rides and races.

List of Mods:
Installed SCOTT Stabilizer and raised the handle bar blocks 1 1/2 inch
Replaced the stock clutch and front brake levers with ASV levers which put the Hot Start cable in the back.
Replaced the stock handle bars with the Renthal Fat Bar.
And finally, installed a 3.2 gallon desert tank.

All these chenges streched the HOT START CABLE because Kawi, in their infinate wisdom, failed to leave any slack whatsoever in the cable, thus resulting in allowing the hot start dampner remaining open about 20% to 30%. So I'm told.
This caused the motor to run very hot and overheat blowing gaskets and ultimately burning up the piston, rings and valves. Not to mention, flooding the motor with coolant.

Solution, There is an after market pull button that screws directly into the carb eliminating the need for a cable.

Just wanted to post this and maybe help someone else NOT make the same COSTLY mistake I made when modifying your machine to suet your needs and riding style.

I'll post pics once we get the bike back together and show you what I'm talking about.


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