Tell G.W. Bush that you want the ESA Reformed!


The ESA "Endangered Species Act" has been used like a devious weapon by the eco-nazis to remove our birthrights. With President Bush in office there is a considerable movement brewing to reform this act to make it more workable for all.

Just like the NECO deal, Paige wrote about, you can use ORC's Cap-Wiz systeml to fire a pre-written letter off to G.W. I urge you to do it now and to spread the word.

go to <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>[/url] and look for the link in the red box. Please, frequent our advertisers too. Without their business, this service could not exist.


<A target="_blank" HREF=></A>[/url]
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Yeah this CapWiz deal is Pat's baby and he and ORC are going the exta mile to provide this service, so let's take advantage of it. The time is here to not go into that sweet good night, but to fight for our rights - so please use the service ORC is providing =-)

We are working on some other issues behind the scenes but currenlty the ESA, NECO and NEvada Wilderness are the three that are in place.

Thanks again Patrick!

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Can you post this on It will then reach the offroad community out of Las Vegas. Not all users out there are registered for this site. Just an idea to reach a wider audience.


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Yeah No Problem - good idea - I will e-mail Eric and see if he can put something up esp for the Nevada Wilderness.

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Done it...........Thanks!

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