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Tell Me Your Best Baja Racing Stories!


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My name is Denae and I'm writing a segment for NORRA about the best stories/memories you have from your time at the Baja races. My dad and my brother have been racing in Baja for many years and they have awesome stories to tell, and I'm sure many of you do too. I would love to hear your funniest, happiest, and craziest stories! So if you have them, let me hear them! You can email me at denae_howle@yahoo.com or respond to this post. And if you have friends that have good stories to tell, let them know I want to hear them too! Thank you!
- Denae Howle

punchdrunk monkey

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Are you going to write the story when your dad and brother took out the telephone pole? lol. Ask Bob to tell you some "Dusty" stories.


She's heard my stories. She needs everyone else's stories and you all have some, so tell her. The good bad and ugly.