Temporary classifieds issue, after paying not being redirected to submit ad

Curtis Guise

If anyone is purchasing a premium, commercial or feature ad in the classifieds there is a chance that you will not be redirected to submit the ad after making the payment. If this happens to you please post a new free ad (you can upload all 5 of your photos to a free ad) then email me at classifieds at race-dezert.com letting me know which option you paid for and that you placed a free ad. I will upgrade your ad when I approve it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, a common issue is getting a blank screen or error when submitting the ad. 99% of the time it's from your photos being to large. You can size them smaller, 1000 pixels wide or a couple MB or less should work. Then submit your ad. If you paid for an ad you can place a free one and email me so I can upgrade the free ad.