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hey my friend told me that he saw this old school ford truck that was all decked with prerunner stuff. but inside the fron coilovers he had tennis balls, no shocks. what was he trying to do? if anyone has a clue as to what he was trying to do let me know



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Steve...there was an F-150 at our Inland Prerunners get-together and he had tennis balls in his coils, too (maybe the same one...this was mostly stock...Camburg radius arms & AutoFab bent beams I think). If you look on our private board here on RDC there's a picture of the truck jumping after the meeting. I think he was trying for some kind of cheap bump-stop. I guess it's pretty old-school. AutoFab makes a coil spring insert that's sort of the same thing (but not as funny!) as tennis balls.

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haga balls! invented by charlie haga-they are basically a urethane coil insert to prevent the coil from bottoming and binding. you can still buy them from most 4wd shops.

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Not like real Haga balls or the urethane inserts but original Spalding and Wison conponents. the best part is when you rip the coil bucket out you and a buddy can play a round of tennis 'til the tow truck gets there.