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Tentative Laughlin race schedule


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Here is the tentative schedule off the SCORE site.

Updated: January 11, 2002 - 13:58:50

Each group will start 2 abreast

6:30AM Group 1: 5, 5-1600, ½-1600, 9, Spt. Buggy & 11(2 laps) 3 LAPS

8:10am Group 2: 7, 7s, Stk. Mini, Stk. Full, 3 & 3i 3 LAPS

9:50am Group 3: Class 10 4 LAPS

11:15 Group 4: Trophy Truck 4 LAPS

12:40 Group 5: Class 1 4 LAPS

2:15pm Group 6*: Protruck & 8 (8 laps) 10 LAPS

3:50 Group 7: SCORE Lites 4 LAPS

*Group 6 is a 5.5 mile lap.

Driver of Record MUST race EITHER Saturday or Sunday to receive points for both day


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Anyone know what the schedule is for the Jump-Off and pit crew challenge? Also, anyone know what day you can prerun the course?

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Thursday 01/24/02
Driver Registration at River Palms- 10 am to 4 pm Contingency Row Check In 1 pm to 4 pm Only Pit Crew Challenge and Laughlin Leap Check In- 4 pm Pit Crew Challenge and Laughlin Leap Competition 6 pm

Friday 01/25/02
EXPRESS Driver Registration at River Palms- 8am to 10am Driver Registration at River Palms- 8am to 5pm Contingency Row/Tech 9 am to 6 pm (Free to Public) Mandatory Driver’s Meeting at the Flamingo - 7 pm

Saturday, January 26th Gates at event site open at 5:30 am VIP Tent open at 8 am RACING ACTION FROM 6 am to 6 pm Sunday, January 27th Gates at event site open at 5:30 am VIP tent opens at 8 am RACING ACTION FROM 6 am to 6 pm

The course opens for pre-running on
According to Sue @ SCORE Drivers and Co-Drivers of record will be allowed 1 lap on Friday, I don't know what time.

I believe the laps will be 11 miles for everybody except the pro trucks and 8's they will be 5.5 mile laps.


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Why cant they run the old Laughlin course like in 1997 when they had a 60 mile loop and it was a real race with all classes at once ? Now they are running a short show to try and give more spectators a better show.


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According to Sal the laps are 13.8 miles. Sal poled the Trophy Trucks to ask if we wanted the old course or a new shorter 5.5 mile course. The majority voted for the long course. Sal said Ivan would pole the Protrucks, nobody from Protruck called me. Allthough I would rather run the longer course, 5.5 miles will be fun and good for the spectators. 10 times over the Laughlin Leap, does anybody know a good chiropractor?

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Yeah, I heard the same thing with a seperate deal for just the TT's.... 10--- 6 mile laps for the specators. Cool for them but Brutal for teams and equipment. Saturday would happen and there would be no field for Sunday... My question to Scott TT #7, Black with a Gold Lightning bolt will look sweet, but with the Riviera Truck, and Nick's New Riviera Truck now going to be black, that will be 3 black trucks in the field... couldn't that be a problem chasing ????


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i'm with you dude I prep and I would like to see a longer race. I think they should even run it the regular way. over the rode crossings, better coverage and better and exciting racing. Long loops for everybody.

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This is killing me to hear this stuff about the shorter laps. When the promoters or the BLM make it harder for people to spectate the races, people are complaining. Now that someone is doing something to make it a more spectator friendly race and easier to film it for TV. People are complaining again. I don't think that one race out of the season for the spectators is a bad thing. I think my sponsors like it, as a matter of fact.



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Jason, I agree....
but you cant make every one happy.
As a class 8 truck owner:
do not like the idea of 8 jumps
short laps will not give you a chance to pass or rectify a driving mistake
its good for the people that support you as they will have more visibility for their logos
and we'll be racing the total of 45 miles per day
it will be fast paced as we all got the bullit motor in the truck, the one out of our roundy round car
if it blows ....20 Gs down the drain.....
the spectators will love the race and hopefully the drunks wont make trouble for us as they will be cordoned off
and if you have time come and see in the pits

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!



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I understand about the jump, it seems to be getting bigger every year. We will be probably loosing a little time right there every lap. Our little 7s just doesn't do well when you cram the frame into the ground. Good luck in your race, and we will try to stop by in the pits. We just got our engine today, hopefully running by tomorrow, and breaking it in on Thursday. Talk about cutting it close!




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The bad thing about what you said, is the spectators make it bad for them selves, like last year.They get drunk and runin the race for those racing. and bring blm to do drastic things. pretty soon we will not be racing at laughlin. Maybe they will start Barstow again.

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I personaly love the Laughlin race. I look forward to it year after year. Sure its not what the drivers are looking for in Desert racing, but the sport is in need of some changes. I think it was Shaun who had a poll of what race everyone liked the most and laughlin was #1. It is so much more exciting to see the cars and trucks come by in a pack and 4 times for 2 days. Sure there isnt much room for passing or for any errors, but its definitely a start at making the sport grow.
And as for the drunken spectators... when the desert used to be wide open for spectating, the drunks didnt cause many problems. Now that the BLM is regulating our lands, the drunks get restless and want to be rebelious to all authority. If the Laughlin course was open for spectating, the drunks would calm down and enjoy the fast paced racing action. Maybe things will change for us all in the years to come. I have heard that the JeepSpeed Challenge has about 25 trucks running this year in MDR. Thats a lot of Jeeps that havent seen the $ in a long time.


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yes I am signed up for a media pass and I will be filming all the classes that will be racing. I have moved to New Mexico and have not seen a race in over 2 months. Thats the longest I have ever gone without seeing some dust. I will let you all know when the tapes are ready to sell. Good luck to Powell motorsports and everyone else who decided to race the Laughlin race. I guess I could wish luck to the Parker racers but they will be missing out on some good action in Laughlin. See ya all out there.


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Brian, if you get some good footage of the 802 Blazer, let me know.
The video that i bought last year from you was super......

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!