Terribles Town 250 race


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Well here is the first commercial advertisement......
RACE VIDEOS FOR SALE!!!!!! Including--SCORE LAUGHLIN DESERT CHALLENGE(from 2000 and 2001), Best In The Desert Terrible's Town 250(from 1999-2001and the Nevada 2000), Mojave Desert Racing(1999 season highlights,2000 season highlights, 2001 Mojave 200, 2001 Wild Wash 250), SNORE 2000 Buffalo Bill's 400. 2000 SCORE laughlin race includes the Jandts roll-over at the leap contest, Mark Post's roll-over in the infeild, Tim Rockenbach roll-over at the base of "poor-mans hill", and the Fleet Fuels class-12 car roll-over. 2000 MDR season includes Wild Wash 250, the Ridgecrest 300, Barstow 300 and the Stoddard 300. The 1999 MDR season tape has all 6 races from the year. ALSO AVAILABLE----1997-1999 SCORE highlight tape(includes the 1997 Fireworks 250 with Ivan Stewart in the new V-8 powered Toyota, and Mike Julson roll-over at mile 4, also includes the 1999 Laughlin desert challenge with Kreg Donahoe's high-speed crash off the laughlin-leap) 1997-1998 MDR season highlights(includes footage from various races throughout the first 2 years of the MDR series) 2001 SCORE LAUGHLIN--2 tapes for sale==TAPE 1: classes-5,5-1600,9,1100,1-unlimited,10,12-SCORE LITES, 7, 7s and 8s.===$20---------TAPE 2: classes-Trophy Truck, Pro-truck, class-8==$20

click on the BLAZERSRACING link, which will take you to the ordering page for race videos...


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