Thank You Chuck Strange


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I would just like to once again thank Chuck for helping my girlfriend to today at the IP meeting when she got over heated today. Thank you very very much!!!! I would also like to thank Jen for helping out with getting Chuck, giving her water, and an medicine wipe to clean her knee. Also thank you to the other people that came up and offered to help and making sure she was ok. Its good to know that there are people who will go out of their way to make sure someone is ok. Thank you all very much.

Patrick & Melissa

John Bitting

Yes thank you to Chuck and Jen and Greg at IP, it was my first meeting and I had a real good time. Just like being at a race, Whole lot of friends, trucks, and [censored] talking. Doesnt get much better then that. It was nice meeting all the new faces today, I can put more names with faces, I know everyone by login.. :) Patrick glad to hear she is ok, that is good, It was Africa hot, I think Riverside is about 2 miles from the sun or the equator anyone see the panama canal, I looked for it on my way home.. I look forward to seeing everyone again next Saturday at TJ's it should be a blast,, For those I have not yet met, just come up to me. I dont bite, For those that did not see my new model today, Holy [censored] it is the nicest thing I have ever seen. Maybe I will bring it out next weekend if people want to see it in person..

Gabe Lara

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Yes! Thanks Chuck, Greg and Jen!
Good to see everyone out having a good time.
A quick note, some of us are thinking of going to Dromo 1 after next weekends meeting.......So save your lunch money!!


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Africa hot in Riverside? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE...........

Give me a break. Did it actually get over a hundred? This morning at 7am it was 90 degrees and 67% humidity in this hell hole I live in. Around here my friends and I go to the Primm race to enjoy the cool weather!

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Well Junior it read 104 on the thermometer in Chuck's garage. Not sure if it is calibrated but I am sure it is close to being right.

Thanks again Chuck... It is very cool you let us come over and play.



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I would like to give a big thanks to Jen, Greg and Chuck . Being our first time out we all had a great time. It was nice to meet so many cool people. We will be at the next one:)

thanks again.


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Offical High Temp for Riverside on 8/5/01 101 F.

Thanks Chuck, Jen, Greg, for putting together another very successful meeting. And especially thanks to Dan Vance for going big :) Dan you ever thought of testing parts for NASA?

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Hey Gabe...Clifford (Outhouse Racing/MDR Superhero) and I had figured on going to Dromo after the T&J's meeting since the day we had it scheduled! What's that they say about great minds? Let's plan a definite time so we can all go over there together, eh? Like maybe...4:00?

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Gabe Lara

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Klaus, JB, Rob and the rest of us are all on board for Dromo!!!

Great minds indeed!

Klaus suggested renting some time there, but as we know, it can be a bit difficult to get people to commit, and agree on a time. I'll check later in the week, and make sure that the track is open for us...... I propose we just "arrive and drive" least thats what they call it.......We'll call it "bash and crash".


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Yes, I would them warning might make them all sketchy and we don't want them to put extra security on, which they might do if they know John is coming and have talked to anyone at the Irvine Spectrum. Hehehehe! Speaking of which...I have some excellent pictures I'm going to post on the RDC IP private board later tonight.....
P.S. No Paul??? He's so damn entertaining!

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Thanks for the kind words all...............Pat glad your lady is back at speed..........The photos!!! from her table dance should be in today!!! ..........Looks like NASA Dan has the SKY record! too match his long jump.........Im sure that leap came up on radar............Yes my temp gage is true it was 111 degres on Monday.........One of my cars even had a engine fire........Got eyebrows!!!! John B.......Had I known you where there.............I would have givin ya a ride in my little garden tracter ( aka the wheelie car from hell ) Chuck Strange</A>">