Thank you DRIVE Volunteer Team: The Night Race ROCKED!

Brian & Amy

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I posted this in the general forum but just wanted to make sure that is went in our personal forum as well :D

Well, the Still of the Night FiberwerX 200 is officially in the DRIVE history books. It was our first night race and I think all things considered, we did a pretty awesome job! All of the members of the DRIVE Volunteer Team had to really step up their game to endure a whole night (8:00 PM – 3:00AM) keeping the course managed and safe.

I want to thank each and every one of the DRIVE Volunteer Team for taking on this challenge. Without all of us volunteering our time and efforts there would be no DRIVE off road racing. Amy and I understand the commitment it takes to come out and volunteer for a race in Plaster City (we are volunteers too). It’s extremely tough and I hope we did a good job showing you how much we appreciate everything that each team member does.

You guys ROCK!

I would like to express a HUGE “thank you” to 1450.ORG. Thank you first for choosing to include DRIVE in your racing schedule. That means a lot for a group like ours that is trying to get started in desert racing. Secondly, an even bigger thanks for including us in your pre-race BBQ.

Your party was great and inviting all of the DRIVE Volunteer Team to be a part it is just one more reason that you guys are a class act. The reason many of us volunteer for these races is that we love off road racing and want to support it, but can’t afford to race. Hanging out with you guys and having the opportunity to check out all the 1450 trucks at the party was awesome! It gave us a chance to listen to you guys and check out the truck up close. Thanks to Cameron and all the 1450 racers.


Thank you so much to all of the individuals and companies that made not only the Night Race possible, but the Desert Clean-Up that we did before this race.

Terry, thank you very much for the light towers. The amount of light these things put out added an increased level of safety to the checkpoints and road crossings. It was tough getting all the equipment out on the race course, but I’m glad that we made it happen because the end result was worth it. Thanks again!

Alicia, Thanks for everything that you do to help us out. Your family is awesome and really represents what is so great about the off road racing community. Thank you for the cool glow-in-the-dark DRIVE Volunteer shirts and glow in the dark water bottles. Most of the volunteers didn’t see the glowing part of the shirts and water bottles until the very end of the race when Amy and I went around to pick up the light towers. When the light towers went out everyone finally saw themselves glowing! Very cool.

John Cole of Elite Auto and Alicia of Beardesigns teamed up again to put together some really cool stuff for all the volunteers. John has been supporting DRIVE from the beginning and It great to see him out at the races in the Bronco (although this time he was out in his son’s rig). Thank you for believing in what we are trying to accomplish John.

Joe and Joseph, Thank you for not only helping us as volunteers by pulling people out and acting as the eyes and ears of DRIVE Main through the night, but also with the equipment that helped us run the race! It’s pretty cool to see companies offer material support and then top it off by actually coming to the race and spending their own weekend getting dusty as volunteers!!! Thanks to Clairemont Equipment Rental and Off Road Warehouse. You guys are incredible.

Cameron Sinohui and all 1450.ORG, Thank you for making our race such a great event. I can’t say enough about your organization and the people that race with you. I don’t know all your names, but I met most of you during your pre-race BBQ. You guys are a great asset to desert racing and you brought a vibe to the Night Race that embodies what we are trying to achieve at each race. Good friends and family sharing in the fun!

Here is my (and Amy’s) photo account of the night race:

The Day before the race (our home made sign!)

Contingency w/ Jeff and his wife Shannon. They were out there all day in the heat helping racers get through contingency and tech. Thanks guys!

Amy and Kelly were great representatives of DRIVE and helped racers with registration. They always do a great job and love having the opportunity to meet everyone pre-race.

Ryan was THE MAN! This guy can do just about anything. Thanks for helping solve all the last minute DRIVE emergencies!

1450.ORG BBQ. A great night! Thanks again to all the 1450 racers that let us be a part of your schindig.

Cameron cooking the carne asada!!!

A great night spent with great people

1450 B-day cake!!!!

It was EVERYBODIES Birthday…. Even if it wasn’t ☺ Here’s all the people brave enough to stand in front of us as we sang a horrible rendition of happy b-day. Thanks for being such good sports!

More great BBQ moments….

1450.ORG finished the night with an impromptu desert work out. Everyone do push-ups! Well, everyone that lost a bet anyway ☺

Volunteer photos and a account of the race are coming….

Thanks again!

-Brian & Amy

Brian & Amy

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DRIVE Volunteers put on one hell of a race and proved again that the DRIVE Volunteer Team knows how to get it done!

Spotter Tim (Team Praxair),
Dude…. This was without a doubt the toughest spotting job yet. Thank you for keeping a good sense of humor and still doing a great job calling cars in the pitch black. Next night race we’re outfitting you with infra-red goggles! You are always there to help out Tim and Amy and I really appreciate all that you do for off roading in Plaster City (MDR too!!!)

Joaquin, Edgar, Becky (and son) did a great job in a section of the course that got pretty silty as the night wore on. Thanks Joaquin and Edgar for going the distance and putting up with the bug action from the Light tower and the fresh blanket of silt donated to your checkpoint by every vehicle that came through… You guys did great!

Rover 8
Luis Arellano and his cousin ran all over the East side of the course. They did an incredible job relaying information to DRIVE Main, and were the first responders to an accident in the final hours of the race. Thanks for coming out Luis. It was great seeing you in “volunteer mode”. You get through some pretty sticky areas in that rig of yours!!! Also, thanks for bringing the KILLER guacamole and salsa to the DRIVE Volunteer BBQ/ Volunteer Meeting.

John, Davin, Chuck, and Truman were out on the lakebed all night running checkpoint 2. Again, the dust was a MAJOR factor at this checkpoint and all you guys did a great job putting up with the dust for the whole night. Both check 1 and check 2 were on the East side of Plaster City and I think the proximity to the fields and agriculture made it “bug central” for these guys. The light towers were like beacons for the hundreds of thousands of bugs!!! Thanks for toughing it out and doing an awesome job. We are looking forward to seeing you guys at the next DAY race ☺

Ric Sanchez and just about his whole family were out at Checkpoint 3. Thank you very much for coming out to support DRIVE and getting the family and friends involved. There is nothing easy about manning a position during a night race. The hours, the darkness, the dust, and on top of it the bugs. When we came by at the end of the night to check on you guys and hand out energy drinks everyone was still fired up to be there. Thanks for volunteering and great attitude!

Road Crossing 3
Jesse Gannon and his brother took care of RC 3. They did one hell of a job keeping non-race traffic safe and helping racers that got stuck in the sandy wash near the trestles.

Ryan Haugley and crew had just about the most difficult checkpoint to get out to. It was up on a mesa with one way up, and one way down. Both ways SUCKED if you didn’t have 4X4. Ryan, thanks for getting up there (in 2WD!!!) and running an awesome checkpoint. The X-mas lights you put up coming into the check were a very nice touch ☺. You and your friends did a great job. Thanks also to Beardesigns for sponsoring this remote outpost checkpoint with great food and prizes!

Also a HUGE thanks to Brian Wiley (Rover 76) and Joe and Joseph Stokes (Rover 7). The gnarliest spot on the course was the approach to Check Point 4. It was a silt bed right before a 45+ degree hill climb to the CHK 4 out post. Brian spent almost the whole night pulling people out of that silt in his Cherokee. Brian is an off road Terminator. Joe and crew in the ORW jeep kept a close eye on everything, relaying info to DRIVE main and helping racers at the CHK 4 pit as well as the rest of the South West side of the course.

Road Crossing 4 (Naked Man Crossing!?!?!)
These guys had the most eventful night of anyone. When Amy and I stopped by during the race to drop off food and drinks one of the guys mentions that I should watch out for their little friend. I look over in the direction he was pointing and there’s a rattlesnake coiled up near a bush!!!! “he’s O.K. all night he’s been following us around….” That was surprising, but nothing compared to what happened after we left…. A naked guy comes running out from the bushes and tries to get in one of the cars parked at the Road Crossing!?!?! The DRIVE Volunteer Team is not afraid of snakes…. Or weird naked guys trying to steal a car! They beat him back with STOP signs and he eventually ran back into the desert. How is that for random????

Road Crossing 4 you guys were a blast. Thank you for coming out to support DRIVE and thanks for doing a great job!

Again, thank you so much to all the volunteers that help make DRIVE possible. Amy and I cannot express in words the gratitude that we feel toward each of you and I can only hope that a small part of it comes through at the Volunteer meeting and when we come around to see you during the race.

DRIVE Volunteers make off road racing awesome!

See you all in the desert!

-Brian & Amy