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Thank you Weatherman at the Baja 500


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I would like to thank the weatherman (Scott) for the great job at the Baja 500..I was Checker pit two rm 206 with No coms and was very impressed with the patients and professionalism from Scott and Weather mex!! Thank you for your support...You really helped me and the Checkers with statuses on our club cars and everyone else involved!
Let's all share our appreciation and stories in this thread..

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I heard and felt the frustration, great job dealing with it. I was amazed you waited until you did for the first "beverage" and toast to the OG Bob!


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Great to hear Scotts voice over the radio and thank you for webcasting it so us at home could listen in!


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From what I heard there was a stuck mic situation and there wasn't that usual and expected awesome commentary we would expect from Bob. AMAZING job from Scott to step into some big shoes and keep your composure and the off road community is very thankful for what you guys do!


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Weatherman was amazing. I decided to stay home for this race so I could go to the 1000. I am sure glad I did. The team had no radios most of the night with the race truck. They did have cell service in some areas, so they would text me questions, I would use the SCORE chat function and ask Weatherman questions ( check point close times, last know position, ping the transponder, etc) and then chat answers back at me.. so I could text back the chase team. It really worked out well. Amazing job!


Thanks PCI radio and Scott as well as all the PCI team you guys are the best thanks for all you do at every race and for your dedication to the sport.

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