Thank You's and how the memorial was put in it's home


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Well i know it has been a long few weeks first getting the place for the memorial secured working with Brian was such a pleasure. When i first asked about it we were going to have it by the road and we went and looked at it and it would have been right next to the old GMC flat bed to the right of the entrance. Then about a week went by and Brian calls me and says "we need to change the place of the monument cause i am adding on to the property. So i drive back down to meet with Brian and Mike his contractor and friend. As we are there these plans a layed out in front of me and there is this 80' by 100' building he wants to make and off road museum, restrooms and showers for the camp ground area and some bungalow cabins for campers if they wanted. so we walk back and there is this corner that has a small wash behind it that they can't use for parking so we all go over look at it and start coming up with a game plan.

We all head inside and we are talking back and forth and i am sitting there sketching out the layout of the memorial , well it was the one you saw this past weekend Brian looked at me and said that is so perfect. It will look great resting there waiting for the families and friends to see . so i head out the door and head back to vegas i get home and start making calls and talking with the board on my ideas but never fully exposing the idea they knew i needed materials but not sure how it was going to be done

So i get my phone calls and e-mails done ask for some help here on the RDC forum and this is where it all comes together the "familia" of our community is the best so i am going to personally thank everyone for there help as i could not have done this all without them.

So we get the first weekend over with all the ground is leveled and the some of the trees are planted and part of the ribbon walkway is done. On wensday i get a call from brian and he say "Lucas i have some bad news " my heart sinks i am thinking oh great someone is upset with what we are doing and all kinds of other things go through my head. and Brian says " well the rabbits really liked your shribs and they are all just twigs and branches now" i was like ok that is an easy fix.

So my friend Snoddy and i pack up Wensday night. We get up early and head for Slash X get there unload and go to work and get the monument loaded into it resting place. We get as much work done as we can as we ran out of material. We see that Randy Brians son had pulled up and we said lets go have a cold beer and give Randy a hard time, as we go towards the bar we see Black smoke on the highway and lots of it. Randy says my parents are supposed to be on there way here so in panic he calls his dad no answer he calls his mom no answer. We bolt out the door grabbing the water truck and head up the road we get there and we see Mrs. Lynn getting attention from a medic and we then see Brian being worked on he is talking and doing ok he see's Snoddy and smiles and clinches his fist and he tells him that Randy was here with us he seemed much calmer after that. We all helped where we could by redirecting traffic getting water onto the fire and water for the people helping out. We see the helicopter take off with Brian and Mrs Lynn went of in the ambulance with Randy. I stood there in shock.

We all loaded up and headed back to the ranch brought randy's truck back. I start making phone calls to the board and explain what is going on and to post up we might have some changes going on. And just before sunset Ryan Brian's middle son comes up and tells us his father passed, i was at a loss. He then said you guys keep going we will work through this and we can go forward. We went back to the trailer to have some dinner, i still was in shock. It truly took the wind out of snoddy and my sails. Brian ment a lot to me i remember meeting him and how we did meet.

Friday rolls in didn't sleep much i walk outside and i see Kevin Davis' guys from CLS landscape and Travis Bonner all there ready to help, right then i knew we had to finish cause that is what Brian wanted and i was not going to let anyone down.We came up with our game plan for the day. I headed into town to home depot with travis we got it all loaded up and got back the crew Kevin sent was top notch and busted but all of the trees they bought were planted and they were watering them trimming them up and started unloading the truck they plain just kicked A s s. Lunch time rolls in Billy Worthing shows up with lunch for everyone and starts finishing the fence while we were eating. i was getting updates all day long and call on how they could help Kim from Fast-Aid Rick L Johnson just to name a few i am hearing from the Lynn family and getting updates trying to put it all together.

I had one more home depot run to do i just needed a little break to take it all in i got the last of the things needed. i see one thing i forgot to add to the memorial an American Flag. I remembered that if i was going to have a flag up i need to light it up i go grab one more light for the flag and my phone rings. I am told to go get a room air conditioner from Billy i am like what ok i will. So i ask no questions i load up and head back i see billy and he tells me there is a small chance that Mrs Lynn will be coming home and that the A/C unit on the travel trailer had gone out so we head over install that to. As the sun started to set we turned on the tractor lights to install the last section of fence and add the last of the lights.

so everyone got to see this on saturday and thank you so much for all the kind words and making it a great event here are who i needed to thank

Matt "shrek" Svatos for getting me the heavy equipment needed for a week from Ahern Rentals

Kevin Davis of the Green Army he sent four of his guys and four of the trees we planted from his company CLS landscaping

Billy Worthing one of my best friends offered up labor his trailer for us to camp out in a home deopt card for anything we needed his company is Worthing's general services

Mike "snoddy" Snodgrass was with me everyday from sun up to sundown running the backhoe water truck and helping with everything else Snoddy you are the man

Larry Azett, Travis Bonner Tom Allen, Tim Murray, Shar Molaskis , Bryant Layton, Dan Novak, Rhonda Parkhouse, Tom, the family from barstow (i am so bad with names) but his daughter sequioa and jorney


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I appreciate all the work and effort that everyone put into the memorial!!!!
I, unfortunately, was already committed to another event and couldn't make it. Carol, my right hand, and Stacy were able to make it out there. For those that were like me and wanted to be there, Carol made us a video to share. Chappy Steve has an amazing way with encouraging words. Please Watch, and Share out to Your Friends... Link - (add www. in front to make it a link) sure to read Fish's great write up and more awesome Pictures!
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Lucas you never seem to amaze me Brother, You have a heart of gold!! I am extremely proud to call you a good friend..... Wish I could have been there to support you and all the others (Especially those who lost there lives). I can't wait to go visit the memorial soon. Lucas I will see you this weekend (Weds night) in Vegas for the Vegas to Reno, And I will buy you a beer or10!

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Yes sir, whether you love Lucas or not he has a heart of gold. He dont take crap from anyone and tells it like it is.My friends, Billy , Snoddy, Kevin D and all the rest of you thanks. This is what our sport is all about from when I was young. The willing to help anyone at anytime get to the finish line. Lets not forget that and whether you think your a pro or race a pro-class being an honest , caring , helping person should always come before anything else. Lucas I cant wait to come down and see the memorial and sit under the circus circus hood on the wall and remember my youth and when I was faster than my sons HAHA! Godspeed Brian and God bless your family. See ya at the Alliante Lukie


Thank you for letting us have a great time helping out. My girls had an awsome time and so did I. If you ever need anything from the Barstow area, look us up. Snoddy, thanks for the ride on Sunday morning



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Great Job, Lucas............Ahern Rentals has alot of ties to Desert Racing and we are proud to be a part of this........I have gotten numerous calls/e-mails from people I have not heard from in a long time thanking me for our involvement in this........You and Your Team did an exceptional job.


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oh my..where do i the guys who helped, and Lucas's long da man....snoddy..brotha..thanks so much for the rides in the rhino for my the Lucas Oil 1450 truck..thanks soo very much for Jakobs ride..first time he has smiled around a race truck..he's rededicated to getting back into racing..all a dad wanted to hear from his kid!!! I am honored to meet such giving the Lynn family..our first weekend out there building this memorial will live in my mind forever..Brian was such good peeps..and it is obvious he has raised good kids..I enjoyed the end of the days work in the bar!!! The heat was much, but cold drinks..lots of water..and dedicated people make it soo much Dan200..thanks for the critisim..ha ha you even remember it???? LOL!! I had a great time..and to Brian in were there the first weekend checking up on our progress..and so proud to help out by donating the spot..i will forever remember our in depth conversation about my adventures getting hurt and the year i have lived since the accident..i saw true compassion in your eyes as we spoke about my night.I will miss you dearly friend... I know you gave from the did your wife. My family and I cried at your passing. It dont seem right...your local Scott misses you dearly..he hung out with us will be missed big man..with a heart of gold..let us all be reminded of what a good person should be..and how short and cruel life can be.....peace be with you Brian.and long live the Slash..i will always throw a 20 more then i should to keep your dreams alive..the campground..the museum..I will participate with your boys to see your dreams come true....


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hey y’all! This is Sequoia here, part of the miller family. We kinda stumbled upon the building of the memorial while coming to Slash X to pay our respects. When we saw what was being built, we absolutely had to help. It was a great experience full of sweat & tears. So much love for our community. Cool fun fact, my little sister Jurnee took her very first steps in Slash X. Thanks for letting us be a part of the desert rat family.


That little girl in the picture is now 20, thanks to the Lynn family for all the great memories we have there
. If they read this I still want a pitcher of Dr pepper and thanks for the Pink t-shirt when she took her first steps in your establishment