Thanks for D Day


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I think we all need to thank Gregg and Jen for making D Day possible. They are awesome.

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I had a great time! It was a lot of fun....I feel really bad for ya Belden :( ...he went end over end off the tabletop and messed up his truck a bit. Also Miles rolled his truck pretty bad....and Tim also Tim got lucky and just went up on his side and then it fell back down.

So anyways lets forget about the sucky stuff heh. It was a great track and it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the series this next year!

I got a TON TON of video and I will start working on the clips now...look for them up sometime tomorrow!

Oh also The General is dead! We got it started barely and rolled it over a few times and then had fun smashing it up! It was fun but the damn throttle cable broke so I couldnt go as fast as I wanted to! Look for another car in the future though :)

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Did you even race, I know there was a bet going around :) What are you driving now?



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Great driver turnout

Had a blast but the EZ-GO let me down.

Greg & Jen Rock!!!!!

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Awsome event!!!! The truck turnout was huge and the new format made the day fly by. From a
spectator point of view it was a great show. Look forward to the next event, Great job Greg & Jen!!!!!!!


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Re"From a spectator point of view it was a great show."

Hey, where else can you get to watch an off road race as well as an intermitent air show at the same time!


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Are the results posted anywhere?

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Thanks Greg and Jen,

That was one of the most awsome days i have had i a long time. the raceing was great and everyone who i met and hung out with was awsome. fromgetting there at like 7am andnot leaving till 6 i guess it was so much fun. Even on the freeway home Ryan< Austin, Dan and myself were having fun. I cant wait to see what the next thing is like. Thanks fro letting me help and i will deffinatly be there next time to help also. Awsome event and awsome job



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Right on. Yeah, it's possible there was a little nerfing action between us on the road on the way home...all within safety limitations of course.

I always tell Jen and Greg....look what you guys have done. And they say "what?" and I say "all of this is because of you two." And they say, "no, it's because of you guys who come out and support it"

See, thats the kind of people they all and only asking for people to come and enjoy all their hard work.

Thanks guys.



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Thanks Greg and Jen!!! It was well organized and I didn't see any problems, with that many people there.
It was also fun to follow Miles(rolled Ranger) home and people on the freeway giving them wierd looks, while they were driving with goggles on.


Great event Greg and Jen, had a lot of fun racing and spectating. Can't wait for more events down there!

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: Thanks for D Day

Thank you Jen and Greg once again for a great race hope to see more to come. Here are some carnage shots from the day.



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D-day was awsome. Raced my blue ranger and nothing broke, all the home fabbed bedcage withstood the course(just came to the conclusion that I need more hp). Cant wait for the next race. I left early are the results and raffle winners gonna be posted anywhere?

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