Thanks for the help at the Kartek 400


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I just wanted to thank all the people that helped me out at the Kartek 400 . First off a big thank you to all guys at FAIR . You guys are the men !! The guys at pit B welded me up a pit made tie rod out of some scrap tubing that they had at the pit . After sitting in the desert for about four hours waiting for my pit guys to come and get me , I thought that my day was over , but after we rigged the arm enough to make it to the B pit , the FAIR guys worked their magic . I was back on the track to go again . Shortly after that I got stuck on the sand hill of death ( about mile 35 ) . Frank Hines was at the bottom of the hill working on Carolyns truck . He stopped working on her truck to come and get me unstuck off the rock that my truck was on . He had to winch me up the hill about 40 feet so I could back up and clear the rock . Frank that was way cool of you !! Thank you . Tell Carolyn congrats on the fast lap for class 1450 . I ended up finishing the third lap after that . I was leaking gear oil out of the rear end pretty bad so when I got to the main pits the FAIR guys checked it out and filled the rear end back up . I wasn't sure if the it would go a whole lap more , so I asked my co driver if he wanted to risk sitting out in the desert for hours again , and he was up for it , so we continued on to try and finish . When we reached the sand hill of death again , the truck started wheel hopping badly and ended up throwing out the right rear wheel , axle and all . That spelled the end for me . I sent my co driver ahead with some checkers guys to the next pit to get the trailer . I was met by my pit guys Cliff Murray and Chad Rose in their truck again to help . They told me that the trailer couldn't make it to where I was stuck at , so we picked up the truck and plugged the axle back in . I ended up having to drive the truck while having Cliff Murray my pit guy on the back of my truck keeping the wheel from coming back out until we could get to a spot the trailer could make it to . We ended up getting back to the pits at about 11:30 PM . All in all it was a long day . I just want to say thank you to to all the people that were there to help . It's the people like you that keep me racing . Thank you !!!!

Dan Vance


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