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Oct 7, 2008
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Just wanted to say thanks to the many people that made my weekend at Glen Helen possible. First I have to give many thanks to the one and only, my dad, Art Savedra. He is the heart of AGS and without him none of this is possible. I want to say thanks to my mom and my sister. They are always there for me and I can’t thank them enough. To my beautiful wife Lucy, thank you very much. You are my inspiration. Te amo chiquita hermosa. To Rulo, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To the guys at ORAF Osmond and Junior, thank you very much for all your time spent on the car for me to go out and break it or roll it. lol :) To Sportsline Motor Rueben and Omar thanks for being there for me. To Donald Harper, co driver for life brother thanks for always being there for my dad and me. To Bob Beyer thank you for bringing racing back to Glen Helen. Its like coming home when I race at Glen Helen, to many good memories.

OK so the race was great. I asked the the 1450, 7s and 8 trucks to put their prize money together and lets race. Everybody agreed and it was on! Landrush start and I get a very soft t-bone by the white 1450 truck at the hole shot. I pit right away and off I go again. I lead after the 1st lap and for half the race. I then lose a power steering belt and about 60% of the brakes. I had to pump them about three times before they worked. I catch back up to 1st with my new co rider Lucas Knecht. Then I put the car on its side. Dumb move since we were in first. We were both ok and got the car back on its wheels and limped it into the pits for some oil and a door latch. We ended up in second and it felt great to just finish another Baja Cup.

If there is anyone I forgot I am sorry.

Guy Savedra
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