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Date: June 30, 2009
Subject: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

For immediate release:

Wow, What a weekend of racing!

First of all we would like to thank Lucas Oil and Geico
Powersports for putting such a great event. The
track and venue were fantastic.
Second, we would like to thank our sponsors
Goodyear Tires, Lucas Oil, Gatorwraps, Wiks Racing
Engines, Reel Drivelines, King Shocks,, all the crew, friends, and family
members for coming together and working so hard
to make this all possible.

Justin Davis did great in his Unlimited 2 racing debut.
Managing a respectable 7th place on Saturday,
and 5th place on Sunday with very fast lap times.
Not bad for 16 years old. Way to go Justin!

Unlimited Buggy Driver Mike Halliday had a great
weekend with two 3rd place finish on both
Saturday and Sunday.

Jeremy Davis (age 9) had a great race in Kart Jr. 1
class on Sunday with a 8th place finish, way to go!

We would also like to thank all the other people
that stopped by the pits and gave advise and words
of encouragement to Justin on his U2 racing debut.

We look forward to the next race in July.

For more information on Green Army Motorsports
visit us at
or please contact:
Greg Wetzel – Webmaster

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Justin did a great job driving the pro2, very clean and smooth.

I would also like to thanks the Davis' and the whole Green Army crew for helping us get our car welded back together after practice on Sunday.

You guys rock!!:D:D
Congrats! Justin you did a great job in the truck. I know you made you dad proud!!! You had some bad luck but you kept everything in check and under control. Not bad for 16!!! Can't wait until the next race.


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not bad for just a 16 car driver! kidding. but you do look cute driving your sisters car ;) the pink matches your eyes. hahahahahahaha

thatta boy justin, keep it up!