Thanks Gang.....


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I think we'll stick around.....

We all had a good time, you made us feel welcome and like part of the family.

We will make the needed adjustments in the location of the starter on the Oklahoma land rushes, I promise.

Thanks again,

Rich, Dani and the new VORRA staff

PS....Thanks Patty for saving my BUTT


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It was a good time! Thank you very much. -- The band was a great idea. Hope to see them back. Nice Plaque, different. --


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i just wanted to say great effort from the rdc gang, billy was so close, and great job patty, jdog better luck next race man ill be there cheering for you guys, and thanks rich for the great show...

the faster i go the smother it is


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Rich and the VORRA staff - Good job! Thanks to the track personnel for the tow. We had a good time over the weekend. Seemed like a pretty good turnout, especially 7 Open. We found out the cage works during our roll in practice. Thanks to everyone who came by the pit after the roll to see how we were. As if that wasn't enough, the left front spindle broke during our first heat race. Tried to fix it before Heat 2, but ran out of time. Oh well, that's part of racing. We'll have it all fixed for the April race. Thanks to Fred Calosso for letting us borrow a spindle. Couldn't get back on the track in time, but it sure helped getting it back on the trailer and into the garage at home.

Jeff Matlock
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