thanks go out to fiberwerx

randy s

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thanks are in order to jason and crew for putting on a great event at their open house. it was a blast.
Yes thank you to Brian and the entire FiberWerx crew for hosting us rally cars.

It was a terrific open house, tons and tons of awesome cars and people, free food and drinks like there was no tomorrow, race videos (with rally footage even!!!!) and all kinds of vendors.

Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and interested in the rally cars - we were stoked to see so many people taking close looks and talking to us about our cars and events. Now I have the crazy idea of lifting it and racing it in Baja! haha

Eli and Mindy,
Tommy Gun Rally


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those cars are awsome been a desert racer for 18 years but always love to watch the rally cars , always wanted to drive one! thanks for bringing them


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Thanks again to FiberwerX putting on an excellent event. I brought the whole family and we all enjoyed ourselves. Finally got to meet and talk to Klaus and Curtis at the RDC booth.