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I want to say thanks to Greg & Jen for the hard work they did in organizing the Sandblast. I had a great time thrasing around the V.M.C. Hopefully more events like these can go on.

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John Bitting

The phone updates I got throughout the day sounded awesome.. I wanted to be there so bad.. I hope another will happen so I can make it... Sorry for not showing Greg and Jen and everyone else.. Congrats on a successful event maybe you guys can bring Glen Helen back for us..


Not to rub salt in the wounds... but if your into this type of stuff and were NOT at the Sand Blast you missed out BIG TIME. The event kicked ass. I can't wait to see the video of all the action.

Greg and Jen deserve a HUGE thank you from the off-road community. The Victorville MX facility owners also need a big thank you for being crazy enough to be the hosts for the event. I especially want to thank two people... the owner of the Subaru WRX for romping the p*ss out of his almost new Sube, and the owner of the red Toyota that stuffed the front end on his final lap.

For those of you that have excuses for not going, they better be damn good ones.



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Oh man! That was so much fun! I had such a good time, it was fun videotaping all day and then racing was fun also. I was just crusing because this is the first time I have driven it with the coilovers and the airbumps and it drives a lot different heh.

Did anyone happen to get Video of me hitting the big jump? If so can you please post it or PM me and I will get you my address and I will buy it off you! Thanks.

Thanks again Greg & Jen and I look forward to being at the event next year!

P.S. I will have a TON of Video and Pictures up within a few days. We took 6 Rolls of 36exp! And a lot of video.

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Greg and Jen-
Sand blast was off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait until the next one. Thank you for putting this event on, and from what I saw before I had to leave things went flawlessly. Great Job guys!!!!!!!!!


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Great event!! Thanks Jen & Greg and all the volunteers for putting it all together. Do we really have to wait another year? how about a 3 or 4 race series? It was nice to see such a great turnout. Without off-road lights, it was very challenging driving the race after dark . Looking forward to seeing all the pictures/ video.


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I would also like to thank Greg &Jen they did a great job.Also Thanks to the owners of VMC for taking a chance and making this happen.Way cool guys look forward to the next one. Bill Markel


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Sedan-Womens Class videos up:

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast>http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast</A>

The rest are coming tomorrow!

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Seriously, Sand Blast was killer. There was way more people than i thought would be. Overall a great event. Thank to everyone who helped put it together.


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it is safe to say the sand blast was a huge hit. big turnout, some big names, and a LOT of fun. the highlight for me would be rick husemans truck flying through that course, jesus he was insane. i think he went like 81 feet on the jump too. it was also nice to win the jump contest in my class (modified prerunner, mp01) with 44 feet 1 inch. anyways, big thanks to greg and jen for pulling off an awesome event. count me in for the next one!


ps anyone that has videos of mp03, send me a message, i would love to see them.


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Yea you beet me by 1 1/2 foot :) I think I have video of you. Which truck were you driving? The Tacoma?

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greg and jen, you guys rock. it was a great day, no doubt about it. lotsa cool people, and trucks. the baja shop truggy looks sweet!! the almost finished duffco toyota was way cool, and, well, just a great day. when's the next one?


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Thanks Jen and Greg ,Crew every body that helped out . DO I SEE THE NEXT GLEN HELEN hope so that was fun. Cant wait for the next one. So again Thank you Dennis ,11Brothers race team


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The videos of these classes are now up!

Sedan Class/Women Class
Pro Prerunner Class
LBZ Free Style Show
Pro Racer Class
Modified Prerunner Class

at: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast>http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast</A>

The rest will be up very soon!

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fishdood: i was the toyota with the front glass off, mp03. too much uptravel to keep it on during racing, i already cracked the hood a little. by the way, just so you guys all know how awesome aj at the baja shop is, he opened up the shop yesterday just to do some minor repairs to my truck, when he had planned to rest the whole day.


ps. in case you didnt know, aj started working on the truggy 2 months ago. he built that whole thing in 2 months. thats unbelievable is you ask me


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I had a great time to, just would have like to have seen all finish before dark, maybe start a litle earler, and skip the bands, or just have them play during the racing for back round noise. (not to say they were bad, but just took time away from the racing) I did like Off the Hooks addvertising, would have attracted more if there would have been some of that during there show. ;)


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THANK YOU GUYS!!! Wow-the Sand Blast went way better than we could have hoped. It was a rather long day, but we had so many entries there wasn't much we could do about that. For the most part the day went off without a hitch, and for this being our first event and having no experience to draw from, I am really proud of how smoothly things went. We got so many positive comments from the spectators and racers throughout the day I don't think I stopped smiling once. I don't think I've ever worked so hard to make something happen and having it be a success is seriously one of the greatest feelings ever. We couldn't have pulled it off without a lot of help so let me thank everyone who played a part: Firstly, the VMC...their staff was great and worked their butts off for weeks. Lee and Tammy, the owners of the complex, worked just as hard as Greg & I to get this event going. We certainly couldn't have put on an event without a place to put it on at. Lee did a great job with track and everyone seemed to really like it. Pat Kapko and Tim Duncan were our official timekeepers and they were way pro. Geoff and crew from Giant and the guys from Solo got everyone teched quickly and made sure all the vehicles were safe to go thrashing around the course. Lisa from the Baja Shop and Patricia from MDR saved my butt at registration. There's no way I could have handled that on my own. Jeff (Aloha!) and my cousin, Mo, were our right hand saviours throughout the day...we had them running all over the place! Dan Vance and Joe were our official jump contest measurers and they rock. Charles Chiquette and Patrick Graven were a huge help the day before the race in getting things ready. Pete Albano did a super job at being our pace truck for the parade laps and helping Greg out at staging. Jim from MDR helped get al the vehicles were they were supposed to go and Big AJ from the (909) and his crew were frickin parking gods (they even brought their own radios...it would have been a mess up there if it weren't for them). And our friends Chip & Brenda were out on the course all day with their Jeep at the ready to tow vehciles off the course. The vendors and sponsors who came out were a big part of funding the event...thank you guys (I'd list everyone but I don't have my list in front of me and I don't want to forget anyone...I'll be making a BIG thank you on our site as soon as I can)!!! And thank you of course to everyone who came out there to watch and to race...you were THE most important part of making this a success! We only had a few bad incidents on the course...one rollover and two endos off a jump that wasn't part of the course. Luckily, no injuries!!! We are very thankful for that. There are some things we could have done to make the day even better and we'll be keeping those in mind for the next event. Please, PLEASE, email us with your suggestions...we need feedback! So far we've only had a few complaints and unfortunately, well, you know what they say about hindsight. Let me address a couple of them: the pro racers raced in the middle of the day because the SCORE awards were that night and some of the racers had to get out there. We put the prerunner class last because it was our biggest class and we figured it would be the "highlight" of the day. We also figured that would be the class that all had headlights if it did get dark, which it did. We had hoped that we could get everything done before dark, but we did have lights just in case. The gate fee was necessary...we were doing 100% payback and it was an expensive event to put on...we had to get money from somewhere and we felt that was a pretty decent price for an all-day event. The trash situation sucked...we only had so many barrels to work with...we know next time to get way more. The bands we could have done without...I heard nothing but bad things and a lot of the people with kids were pretty shocked that one of the bands would have hoochies flashing everybody. I guess they assumed we were the Glamis crowd or something. We just knew that we would have to have a couple breaks and wanted to provide some entertainment. The LBZ guys were great and I'd have them back out again to put on a show during breaks. We would have liked to keep running trucks the whole time but we only had so many volunteers and we had to figure in a time for people to take restroom breaks and get food, etc. Ok, I think that about covers it. Sorry for going on and on! We appreciate all the support and encouragement. We've already got some cool stuff planned for the first half of next year and I'll be posting a schedule at the end of the month. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!

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thank you two and all the other people who made this event a success. i had a great time. there were some great trucks both on course and in the parking lot. i look forward to the next event.


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From the looks of the majority of the crowd it seemed just like a Glamis crowd to me.. Lewd, crude, and tattooed and flatbilled.


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