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Thanks, John!

Special thanks extended to John Bitting, for all his long hours and late nights putting together rdc's DAKAR coverage!


Our wingman!

Thanks John. After tomorrow get some sleep.


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Many thanks to all the RDC persons who make this forum possible. Fabulous coverage. Kudos on top of kudos.

Allen R


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Yes, thanks gentlemen for bring the Dakar to us. Your efforts are appreciated,
And it is the best forum to come to , I reckon.


NTR Films media guy

blue dog

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Don't forget to thank the sandwich maker, John's personal pit crew that keeps the machine nourished.


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lets have a rdc "REPORTER" (ME), with a sat link deal on the chase truck so we can transmit LIVE from every biv and do a REAL cool job next year!!!!! ILL DO IT!!!

Suhaib Kiani

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Many thanks and hats off to Klaus, John and the rest of the RDC team down there!
Its been a wonderful past few days here at RDC....
Looking forward to 2017 already!


Funny Guy from the North, eh
Thx team RDC,,,,,I didnt post a lot but was there everyday and followed every thread and had another great Dakar


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Great job RDC crew, great coverage of the race, American competitors, and bivouac randomness!


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Loved the whole dakar rdc threads this year, thx to John and Klaus and crew.