Thanks Klaus


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While reading the desription, at first I thought it was about women...Fast, loud, exciting! But props to you for admitting that many of us just love vehicles that go fast and competition. I will race anything from pavement to gravity and all in between(I just love desert best!) If it has a motor and another one next toit sayingthey can getthere faster, it is great.


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I'm with you on that Martin.I love to watch the Australian Supercars on speedvision.Those guys run the I failed spelling out of those things,pm

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I second that Martin. As long as it's got a motor and is racing to be the first to the checkers, it rocks. I started my career in asphalt circle track, and still return to my roots now and then, and everytime I do I learn something new that I can apply to Off-Road.

Thanks again Klaus.

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