Thanks Quentin Tucker for the 1600 car!

2008 MDR Points Champion Quentin Tucker loaned 2 girls who never raced before his car.... If you have ever seen Quentin race you know he is one of the fastest drivers out in the Imperial Valley! At 17 years old you can tell the faith he has in his car to feel like he could send April & Sharon on their way to race it. A testament to his equipment is that April was able to do a 42 and a 40 minute lap after spending about 30 minutes total in it. If you google Quentin you will see he likes to work on his own stuff, what a great job you have done! You have been point champion throughout the years in various series and classes for a reason. You are for sure climbing to rockstar status when it comes to racing. Can't wait to see what you accomplish next.

Don't worry about the girlie stuff they put on the car, Mark & I will peel it all off. Thanks again for the car, thanks to your parents James & Jill as well; you helped raise over $100,000 for Breast Cancer Research that day. I don't think there are any other 17 year olds out there so good hearted!


Had a great time out there Andy. next year my wife will be racing! you did good Quentin,good looking out!


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We have some pictures from the powder puff race,

I think they might be April, we should have them up

this afternoon.