thanks to vildosola and mastercraft racing

randy s

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i'd like to thank everyone at vildosola racing and the crew at mastercraft for their help in our win in sportsman truck at the 500. for the vildosola crew to help in our effort was huge and is something i'll never forget. with their prep and pit assistance we were able to get it done starting dead last timing out at the finish ahead of every 7 open and 7sx entry other than the chamlee truck [congratulations in your new truck, awesome] finishing in just under 13 hours. this win came after the crew stayed up til 3 am before the start, pulling out our transmission that had a crack in the case and to the guys at mastercraft who were able to tig weld it in time for the race without us even being able to test at all. we also want to thank fox shox and goodyear for their help [best shocks and tires in off road racing] . we had zero flats and never came close to sticking the truck. the help from these folks, and the vildosola folks in particular, was the difference in us winning our class or posting a dnf . not too bad for a 4.0 liter ranger [thanks juanco]. it sure is fun when all the efforts by everyone pays off. there's nothing like it. and thank you to omar dipp [el tiburon] for hanging out at rm 158 for his help pitting us. thanks jarhead.

Hayward Racing

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Congrats on the much deserved win Randy...


Bait Fish
Congratulations Randy, first finish and a win !!
Whats next ? the 1000 ?

el tiburon


Both Teams are full of great people. I am so happy to see Tavo out there......Even if both he and Robbie whooped up on us.......

Congrats Randy......I hope you didn't lose your sombrero while you were down there.......Yikes!


Crayola Killer

Congrates. We all know how tough it is to race and without support from family and friends there is no way it will happen. Nice to see teams like Vildosola and Mastercraft helping out the little guy, just like Collins motorsports does for us. This is the reason Off Road racing is the best racing there is! Congrates again, savor the win, they are not easy, especially in Mexico.

Mary Kay

Congrats Randy:)
its great see the team win!


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vidosola's crew a a bunch of great guys they help up out @ the parker race a couple of years a ago, BUNCH a awesome guys THATS what RACING is all about helping OUT WHOM ever needs help , even mastercraft


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We had some tired guys that helped them out with that truck..........Steve and Chase two helped them, I believe............awesome to hear you won.

I opened Chase 1 up for a guy at the first road section that was racing a ????? I think a 10 car or 1 car........needed some kind of part that we could not identify, but let him look thru all our spare misc parts...............Gus was helping him look himself, while we were getting ready for we will help anyone we can, and it is a "top down" mentality.



Straw Man
Big props also go out to Randy for driving his truck to a win!!

Just under 13 hours (12:58:39) and overall in the class!!!

Had this truck been racing in class 7, only the Chamlee truck would have beaten him!!! Congrats to Randy, Steve, Bill and Dave, and huge thanks to eveyone who chipped in to help out.

Be ready to do it again for the 1K:D


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Congrats always great to hear stories like these. Can you show some pictures of the truck? Thanks!


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heres a video of there pit at RM 158, Randy just wanted a smoke, thecar was ok, but he didnt want to leave !!!


randy s

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sometimes, it seems, i take too much for granted. i need to thank gustavo, alex, and his cousin or nephew [i forget which], for traveling all the way from hermosillo sonora mexico to help out as well. you guys rool. but if gus orders up anymore "gourmet" dishes loaded up with crickets and cockroaches like he did in ensenada, he's f--kin' fired. somebody needs to take this guy out to mcdonalds.